Ensure an exceptional online gaming experience for your players through the most engaging online lottery game.


Keno is a famous lottery-like game played globally. It includes sub-games and features a few unique aspects. Yet, the logic behind those games is the same: the bet is set according to certain criteria. Each BetConstruct Keno sub-game has its own interesting variations and entertaining features such as:

  • Guessing the odd/even, first/second balls
  • Betting on the sum of the lottery balls
  • Colour betting
  • Guessing whether a number is higher or lower from the offered market
  • Betting both on the value and the colour of the ball
  • Betting on the order of the balls, etc
Key Features

  • Growing number of sub-games

  • Various betting options
  • Entertaining variations within the games
  • History table
  • Automatic pick based on a random generator
  • Flexible bet bar (current bet, pending bet, results, bet history, player history, etc.)
  • Available in up to 10 languages and for local/global networks
  • Flexible betting time